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Do you desire home tutorials for your wards?  Are you a corporately engaged or a busy business parent/guardian with little or no time?  Do you intend to get an HOME TUTOR for your ward within the convenience of your abode. Then talk to us to allo...
“E ma dami duro, emi omo baba olowo, ewo won, won fe dami duro, emi omo baba olowo” That was the song of the Nigerian music prodigy; David Adeleke  AKA Davido. Permit me first to interpret the chorus “Emi omo baba olowo”; “I, the son of a rich father”. I had an opportunity to see live rehearsal of Davido & his producer; Seyi Akerele aka Shizzy at the 2015 Nigerian Entertainment Conference or...
DEFINITION OF ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability has been variously defined as a way of being answerable or liable for one’s actions and/or inactions and, conduct in office or position. It has also been defined as the process of making elected officials and other office holders accountable and responsible to the people who elected or appointed them for their actions while in offi...
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[embed][/embed] “SNAILRY” Business can be defined as the comprehensive process of rearing or breeding snails from a given number of foundation stock up to point-of-lay, table size or jumbo size for sale, and or the merchandizing of snails for local and foreign market. This means that “Snailry” business can be divided into two: Snail Farming: Br...
Make it a date on August 10th 2016 @ the prestigious NIIA, kofo Abayomi, V.I, Lagos as Fola Adeola, FCA and the new ICAN president; Deacon Alao Soe...
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ADMIN/BUSINESS DEVT. OFFICER A fast growing Consulting Firm situated at Ikeja is urgently looking for an dministrative/Business Development Officer. Ideal candidate must reside in Lagos, be a female, smart, a self starter, possess sound interpersonal skills, hardworking with good knowledge of Microsoft words & excel. Responsibilities: Managing the office complex
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