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Sports / Combo Pack (with video) on Snail Agro-Business
17 Sep 3:45pm
[embed][/embed] “SNAILRY” Business can be defined as the comprehensive process of rearing or breeding snails from a given number of foundation stock up to point-of-lay, table size or jumbo size for sale, and or the merchandizing of snails for local and foreign market. This means that “Snailry” business can be divided into two: Snail Farming: Breeding from scratch to point-of-lay, table size or jumbo size. Snail Merchandizing: Buying of snails from farmers and reselling locally or processing it further for exports. The history of Snailry business could be traced to the Romans and to around 1911. It is relatively new in this part of the world and could be attributed to the increase in demand by France through its importation. By 1970 France was adduced to be consuming about 100 million snails annually. The Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O) in 1986 started promoting snail farming globally to ensure its availability but unfortunately the awareness has been slow in Nigeria. Countries like Ghana, Benin Republic, Italy and United States of America has since stepped up there production and can boast of big farmers already. Snail farmers in Nigeria are still very few and many are operating on very small scale. This is a fundamental reason why BUSINESS RESOURCES CONSULTING through its ENTREPRENEURIAL CLINICS is stepping up the campaign. There is increasing demand for snails locally and internationally and you can be one of the GREAT ENTREPRENEUR  to be produced from this trade in the next few years if you work at it. For Starter Pack on Snail Business with full Video, pay/transfer the sum of N7,000 to the following Account; Bank: ACCESS BANK PLC ADEPT CONCEPTS CO. A/C: 00371793871. Note: Buy between now and 30th of September and get the full package at N5,000 only.        17 Sep 3:45pm
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