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27 Oct 3:17pm
STRATEGY? You have always heard that word right? And it’s such a common word and simple right? Every corporate person, managers, politicians even average men use the word so easily; with questions like;  What is the strategy? Anyway;  lets share this together;  The word ‘Strategy’ is coined from the Greek word ‘Strategia’ used in the military to mean all Comprehensive plans and tactics deployed in distinguishing battles within wars and prosecuting those battles leading to eventual victory at the war. Strategy has now been imported into management (i.e. the business world) after the Second World War. Some of the management writers on Strategy are Chandler, Drucker, Johnson, Scoles & Whittington etc. Strategy as defined…….. Strategy can be defined as a contemporal perspective to management which tends to analyze management activities and issues from the viewpoint of uniqueness and long-term effects towards  the achievement of an overall objective. Strategy comes with levels; There are three levels of strategy:
  • Corporate Strategy: making business decisions and visioning overall objective
  • Competitive Strategy: how each business contributes to organizational objective
  • Functional Strategy: relates to functions and support business strategy
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