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3 Oct 4:16pm
AFRICA & CHINA; DEVELOPMENTAL ROMANCE By PRINCELAOYE For a country like China with a population size of over a billion people, her position in the comity of nations is that of a noble giant. From the east to the west, north to the south, you will surely feel the impact of China, China is everywhere. They are a major contribution to the economy of developed countries such as US, CANADA & EUROPE. China as a country has the population size of Africa (a continent which is over a billion populations too). However, Africa and China didn’t start up a virile socio-economic development until the late 20th Century 1950s, since then China as a global superpower, both in technology and economy has been gradually taking over the economic dominance of Africa from America and Europe, whilst the adoption of American & European lingua franca such as English and French made it easier for the occidental countries to engage Africa. The firmness and strong position of the Chinese language which has refused to be subdued or play a second-fiddle to the more popular English and French languages have slowed down the easy flow of Chinese civilization into Africa. Interestingly China as a nation hinged his socio-economic gravitas on Language, culture, education & agriculture with the global technology revolution which China is playing a leading role in it, and with 70% of African countries underdeveloped, focus has since been shifted to Africa, thus the establishment of Forum of China and African countries, FOCAC. FOCAC rapid and tremendous achievement presently position China as the largest financial supporter to Africa. Many African countries today adopt the teaching of Chinese languages such as mandarin in African schools, it is, however, apt to note that the Sino-African relationship is presently one-sided and that of a one-to-many relationship, thus not very symbiotic. Africa and Africans need to move away from the perennial “aids receiver” mentality, stop playing the “victim” or “underdog” game, rather put forward strong partnership with China in the area of culture, language and education. Africa’s cultural diversity is a goldmine which needs to be tapped, this is the exchange, Africa should provide for a better and mutually respectful relationship in symbiosis with China. Whilst African countries should encourage and embrace the furtherance of the teaching of Chinese language and culture, the need for more Chinese-African schools on African soil, Africa should also export African languages to Chinese schools in China. Major African languages like Swahili, Hausa, Yoruba, Fulfulde, Igbo etc should be taught in Chinese schools, while technology exchange between China and Africa should be vigorously promoted through the establishment of Chinese technology plants in Africa and training of Africans both in China and Africa. Culture & language, they say it’s sexy and appealing, it breaks barriers. Education itself breeds development, thus the exchange of these three sandwiched with technology would further advance the developmental romance between Africa and China.     3 Oct 4:16pm
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