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6 Mar 4:44pm
A careful and detailed study of Nigerians interacted with in my over 20years of working, doing business and as a business –management consultant informed the above mentioned postulations. The traits as identified by me are: Creativity: This refers to the instinct of creating a personal activity for economic survival at maturity or on attaining adulthood. This may be as a result of dogged follow through and conviction in a trade or vocation inherited from the parents or learnt at childhood. People with this trait seldom seek job employment on graduation and when they do, it is for a specific time or purpose towards their entrepreneurial goal. The creativity drive in them makes them impatience most time until they are able start their own business. Supportiveness: This is an instinct that do not ordinarily create any entrepreneurial venture but supports entrepreneurial strives of others especially when noticeable progresses is being made. Though tends to stop or withdraw support for entrepreneurs when in difficult times. But increases their support and ready to part own or become creative too when giant strides are achieved by entrepreneurs or government policies makes it imperative. Docility: This is an instinct that do not create nor support any entrepreneurial venture but seek employment from established entrepreneurs, businesses and government establishments . Though always seeking employment, moving from one job to the other till retirement or death. But may be forced to become supportive or even creative at the occurrence of unexpected circumstance or a compelling government policy or legislation.     6 Mar 4:44pm
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