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14 Mar 2:24pm
Definition of Ethics ‘’Ethics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the study of what is good and right for human beings’’. Types of Ethics Ethics is closely related to feelings, religion, legal, culture, science, values and morality. But as accountants, tax consultants, bankers, stockbrokers or other professionals you must be aware of the three dimensions of ethics:  Personal ethics  Professional ethics  Business ethics Personal ethics  ‘Personal ethics’ describes the intrinsic moral principles and values that governs individual’s interactions with others without recourse to the occupation or professional background of the person(s) in question Professional ethics  ‘Professional ethics’ describes the moral principles and values that govern behaviour in the context of a particular profession such as law, medicine, accounting, banking, architecture etc.. Business ethics  ‘Business ethics’ describes the moral principles and values that guide how business entities and institutions should conduct their activities without endangering competitors, other organizations and the society at large,. The Concept of Ethical dilemma  An ethical (moral) dilemma involves a conflict between two moral principles whereby it can be argued that both perspectives are fair and reasonable. As such making a choice becomes confusing. .     14 Mar 2:24pm
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