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10 Apr 3:17am

affiliate-bannerHello Prospect,

Are you interested in making money on the internet or you have bought so many stuffs without achieving your objectives.

Then would you want an Internet business you could start with just N1,500 or $10 only and then start earning 20% on your subscriptions paid immediately by referring a friend to the site.

If your answer is YES!, then here is an amazing opportunity for you to easily and quickly start creating enormous wealth through this proven Internet business you can start on part-time which can become full-time to set you free financially in 2013 and beyond.

This is not some PIE in the SKY scheme. It doesn’t involve chain letters or anything illegal. It is definitely not a GET-RICH-QUICK Scheme but a chance for honest, hardworking individuals like you to build a personal fortune.



Please draw the Tree


YOU – Pay N1,500 as monthly subscription

REFER 5 friends at 20% (i.e N300) Commission and recoup your investment.

Other Referrals after this is totally yours.


YOU – Pay $10

REFER 5 friends at 20% (i.e $2) Commission and recoup your investment.

Commission on other Referrals after this is totally yours.

Commissions accrued for the month will be paid on the 5th of the following month.

Please include picture of a family, groups of friends or workers etc.

    10 Apr 3:17am
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