MTV Base renews commitment to showcase Africa talent

MTV Base renews commitment to showcase Africa talent

By Olaitan Ganiu


Popular music TV channel, MTV Base has renewed its commitment towards showcasing Africa’s talents.

The renewed mission statement is coming 15 years after the music station began showcasing African contents on its platform.

According to industry buffs, the station intends to keep on investing time, money and effort in improving the depth, quality and exposure of the Nigerian music industry.

In 15 years, the music channel has transitioned from one channel into a series of on-air and off-air platforms that are now fixtures in Africa’s youth culture.

However, the station noted that there are still numerous opportunities to explore in terms of incubating new sounds and artistic subcultures and connecting even more with audiences around the world.

“The impact of MTV Base operations on the fast-growing Nigerian music industry is that Nigerian (and African) artists now enjoy a level of visibility, respect and financial heft that was unthinkable just 20 years ago. Through the platform given to them by a continental channel and global award shows, artists can now cultivate new audiences around the world and achieve better compensation for their creative work,” Monde Twala, a South African says.

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