Paxful: We’re helping more people gain financial independence

Paxful: We’re helping more people gain financial independence

Paxful, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace has reiterated its commitment to financial inclusion. To achieve this, the firm has inaugurated Peer Programme to help more people be financially independent. The Paxful Peer Programme is an international entrepreneurial initiative which gives our most dedicated users a chance to become global crypto community leaders. Its Nigeria Regional Manager, Nena Nwachukwu said that the Paxful Peers are new wave of entrepreneurs committed to supporting the platform, or its representatives, writes COLLINS NWEZE.


THE gains of embracing financial services and being financially independent cannot be over-empahsised. That explains why Paxful, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace is taking steps to ensure that more Nigerians gain financial freedom through wise investments.

Nigeria Regional Manager at Paxful, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace, Nena Nwachukwu, is overlooking the company’s localisation processes, new partnerships and recruitment efforts, all while facilitating the business- and revenue growth in the region. She joined Paxful to help its biggest market, Nigeria, expand to new heights.

Nwachukwu said the Peer Programme was launched in November 2019. “The Program’s mission is to develop global leaders who are committed to providing ground support in the existing- and new markets. Educating about crypto and peer-to-peer trading is their priority. The Paxful Peer Program is the next step in evolving our community and showing them an entrepreneurial side of cryptocurrency. We are thrilled to be able to enhance the community with an unprecedented level of knowledge around digital asset trading, especially Bitcoin (BTC), and even more excited to be able to provide growth opportunities to our hard-working peers,” she said.

According to her, the criteria required to be a part of Paxful’s Peer programme  are for the interested person to fill out an online application form, be interviewed through voice or video (via Zoom or Google meets) or texting interview (via WhatsApp or Telegram) and applicants will be expected to answer some questions about their crypto experience, trading history, goals, among others.

Peer Programme managers will review the application internally and if the candidate is successful, they will be contacted via email and given  an agreement to sign. After this, they will be assigned badges and introduced as new Peers to the existing members of the Peer Program.

“There are three levels in the Paxful Peer Programme. All participants embark on their journey as a Peer and follow a growth path that eventually leads to the possibility of becoming a Paxful employee.  Level 1 (Peer): Peers provide on-the-ground support to local communities. They promote Paxful on social media, aid in the moderation of online groups, and provide useful feedback for any new features on the platform.  Level 2 (Ambassador): Ambassadors create quality content, organize Paxful-sponsored meetups while expanding their crew of affiliates. They produce content and attract users. Above other responsibilities, an Ambassador is required to bring at least one Peer to the programme in order to become an Associate. Level 3 (Associate): The Associate is the highest rank in the Program. They are the most experienced experts of the Paxful platform. They can move on to different paths based on their skills and preferences, one of which may bring them to gaining employment at Paxful. Alternatively, they can focus on training other Peers, bringing on new Peers, or shielding Paxful from potential hackers and attacks,”s he stated.

Nwachukwu said peer programme members at all levels earn $5 for every verified new sign up, once their referrals complete at least one trade.

“Moreover, their referrals receive $5 as well. Every time their referrals buy or sell BTC/USDT on Paxful, members of the Peer programme receive 50 per cent of the escrow fee. Aside from the extra layer of credibility and positive reputation, each Peer earns a special  badge visible on the members’ profile, and  Priority Support from Paxful moderators. They are also involved in testing new features and products before anyone else, their product feedback is highly appreciated  by the team”.

“Peers also help newbies and educate them on how to trade on Paxful, and some active members of the Program help moderate country-based Telegram communities: they have also their badges on Telegram. Paxful appreciates Peers’ involvement and a can-do attitude so we give them the recognition they deserve;  Paxful  promotes Peers’ offers on a regular basis via  localized emails to help Peers receive more trusted trade partners. We promote Peers on our official social media channels, they are also featured on Paxful blog, we invite them as guest speakers to our webinars and run special giveaway campaigns for Peers and their referrals. In addition, members of the Peer program can hold their own offline meetups in their regions for which we can cover their expenses of up to N200,000 (or $500)”.

“High-performing Ambassadors and Associates can communicate with  Paxful employees across different  departments, and users at Associate level earn a total  of about N750,000 (2000 USD/month), which can be life-changing and replace a full-time job. All members of the programme receive Paxful merch (branded merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks among others”.

Nwachukwu is a seasoned FinTech professional, starting her journey six years ago at Jumia where she resolved disputes in the e-commerce sector. She then moved onto Aza Finance, where she remotely supervised a team based across Africa and Europe. A Bachelor of Arts graduate,  University of Nigeria, Nsukka, she is on top of overlooking the company’s most valuable clients and business operations, she assisted with the development of new products and enhancement of services.

Speaking more on the affiliate program earnings, she said she can proudly say “we have the most lucrative affiliate program in the crypto space. Every Paxful user has an affiliate link and an affiliate code generated by default. All they need to do is share it on their blog/website/social media/WhatsApp groups and attract new Paxful users. When new users sign up via this link/code, verify their accounts and start buying Bitcoin on Paxful, the affiliates start earning 50 per cent of the escrow fee as commission every time their referrals buy BTC/tether on Paxful. We generously share half of our commissions from the trades with affiliates. The affiliates need to find users who are interested in trading in order to earn a lot from the commissions. Our Program has two tiers. Affiliates earn from their referrals when they sign up and start trading (Tier 1). Their referrals’ new users are the Tier 2 referrals: they earn 10 per cent of the escrow fee every time their Tier 2 referrals  buy BTC/USDT on the platform”.

There are almost 200 members currently signed up. Most of the members are from the African region: Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. Majority of Peers are from Nigeria, almost 40 per cent.  According to National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria’s unemployment rate as of second quarter 2020 is 27.1 per cent, and young people between the ages of 15 to 34 are hit the hardest, with 13.9 million unemployed in this age group.


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