10th Year Remembrance, K1 Salute Mr. Fuji.

10th Year Remembrance, K1 Salute Mr. Fuji.


Babami Ayinde, 10th year is gone and still very fresh in memory like just yesterday, your demise from this sinful world is like play, but surely it is true. Your departure at that time may be premature to us mortals, but to your creator is a time meant for home calling the same as our prophet and leader of faith Mohammad Rosululah (P.B.O.H) Your name, image, and Genre of music you created and left behind for us all to lives on keep waxing stronger and stronger every living day and night.

You left behind a big ocean that circle round the world and every living soul keeps using to make a better world. Surely Aljanata Firdaus is where you are amongst the first set of a faithful servant of God that will follow the prophet on the day of resurrection.

Almighty Gods Judgement on you is what we all witnessing since you departed this Dunniya, everybody both young and old keep dying for your name and your inventions.

My promised to you while still alive and even at your grave to keep the flag and banners of FUJI soo high is still non-negotiable and I shall continue to do so till God Almighty so direct my own time in this land of living.

Continue resting in ALJANATA and be rest assured all is well as far as that your GENRE of music you created is concerned. From your Son. Olasunkanmi Ayinde Marshal ( King Of Fuji Music ) THE MAYEGUN OF YORUBALAND

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